Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To provide the world with a higher quality of life through food exploration.


Our Mission

1. Provide the best world foods.
We will consistently offer ingredients of the highest quality to our customers in our grocery, kitchen, and deli. We will strive to offer delicious foods that are local, environmentally conscious, reputable, and safe. And we will offer it all at fair prices.
2. Bring fresh ideas to the table.
We will always pursue new and better ways to offer world cuisine in the best way possible. Through traditional and fusion cuisine from around the world, we will continuously inspire everyone around us. There will always be new recipes to try, and we’ll make them as accessible as possible.
3. Create an amazing atmosphere.
We will set a new standard for service in our industry that will always leave our customers wanting more. Our stores will be modern, clean, and inviting. And we will provide our employees with a supportive, educational, and inspiring environment.


Our Values

1. Inspire our customers.
Our customer service comes from the heart. We do everything we can, the best we can, to get others as excited about food as we are. We care about offering the best food, the best recipes, and the best shopping experience. We gain trust through honesty and transparency. And through all this, we turn customers into brand advocates.
2. Raise our standards.
Kaizen, a Japanese term meaning “change for better,” is our motto. We value our image, the quality of our product and customer service, and our level of consistency. And we proactively look for ways to improve them, each and every day.
3. Work well together.
Teamwork is what makes Umami Shop hum like a well- oiled machine. Not only do we embrace our shared passion for food, we embrace our differences too. And those unique skills are brought together to form a great crew. Through teamwork, we build relationships with our customers, and help them discover new recipes for life
4. Think global.
We act lean. We recycle. We compost. In other words, we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint, because we want to leave the world better than we found it. Thinking global also means being worldly, which means having an international mindset. We are aware and accepting of all cultures, and we get excited about their cuisine! It’s important that we are open-minded, because that’s how we will discover greater success.
5. Act local.
We care about things like sourcing fresh food from local farms and showcasing local artisans in our own spaces. We get involved with our community, and we give back too. Why? Because the only way we can grow within a community is by helping to grow the community we’re in.